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The Department of Humanities of the University of Calabria proposes to set up an intensive higher-education programme called Bilingual Summer School in “Studi sul Fantastico. Teoria, critica, traduzione e scrittura creativa” / “Studies about the Fantastic. Theory, Critique, Translation and Creative Writing”.

The Summer School is proposed by Professor C. Bruna Mancini, Associate Professor of English Literature (SSD:L-LIN/10) and scientific director of the project.

The Course has the features of a higher education course. It is an intensive two-week programme running between June and July 2023, and to be held at the University of Calabria for a total of 68 hours. The activities will be organized in English and Italian. This first edition focuses on the theme “Studies in the Fantastic”. The topic will be addressed from several perspectives: theoretical, critical, translation and creative writing.

The Summer School includes classes, workshops and a final seminar. During the final seminar, each enrolled student will take a “final test” by presenting their own paper or project-work. In case of successful test results, the student will receive a Certificate of Attendance, alongside 6 CFU (University Educational Credits). Attendance is compulsory. In order to obtain the title, students are required to attend at least 80% of the entire course.

The Course is addressed to any person interested in performing an in-depth examination of the Summer School topics. For instance:

-        Students enrolled in a Master’s Degree or a PhD programme.

-        People who have already achieved a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree or a PhD.

-        People who work in the fields of Translation and Publishing; Writers and School Teachers.

In order to apply, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree and, as a common and cross specific requirement, you must speak Italian and English.